A social platform for

coders and creators

to innovate and

share ideas.

The Vega Board is a plug-in silicon MCU unit that empowers budding designers, developers and students to learn, code and create new technology solutions, exploring possibilities as wide ranging as simple AI programs to fully responsive robotics.

We were asked to create a brand for the board that would communicate its ethos of open source collaboration, sharing and innovation within a digital space. We focused the visual language on the anatomy of coding, brackets from C+ and Java were used to contained key messages and call outs.

The logo was created as a dynamic animation transition with the two end brackets rotating from <EG> to form the logo. The <EG> reflects the endless possibilities available to the bustling, imaginative online community. The name Vega (the brightest star in the galaxy) providing an aspirational vision.

Social media integration within the CMS allowed video tutorials and student lessons to bring the act of coding to life (but luckily not sentient), with Instagram integration providing quick access to community dialogue and inspirational showcases.

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