Stop the Signals


Have you ever heard of a Faraday Cage? And do you know that one of the largest exhibitors at CES dedicated part of their stand to one? Thought not. Let us tell you a little more…

In a highly technical world where attributes between rival products can often seem almost imperceptible, Qualcomm is committed to showcasing the advantages of their technologies at cornerstone tradeshows and events around the globe. But it’s tricky showing true capability in the ‘noisy’ electronic environments of some of the world’s busiest exhibitions. The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, for example,has 4,400 exhibitors all showcasing their wares to 180,000 visitors. Imagine the number of devices and electronic signals they emitted throughout the show’s halls.

Enter the Qualcomm Faraday Experience, a hermetically sealed environment designed to keep all exterior electronic interference out so that the true capability of their technology could be demonstrated.

The build process is a complex one that includes the custom fabrication of purpose built walls. Every wire and joint is wrapped and sealed in specialist alloy tape and earthed to the wall of the convention center. The attention to detail is startling and the wiring process is quite intensive to complete. Of course, the Cage’s efficacy can only be fully tested at the moment in which you actually turn it on!

We’ve completed three successful Faraday Cage executions for Qualcomm.  If you’re interested to learn more about the design and build of the Cage and the technologies it helps to optimise then do get in touch to set up a call. We love chatting about how to create the most memorable experiences for our clients and stand visitors alike.