Brief your exhibition staff


Sample staff brief

We think fully briefing your event staff is so fundamental that we have created a sample briefing agenda for you to ensure that your team truly performs. It is the surest way to help realise your investment.

DIY tool

Your pre-event briefing needs to involve all members of the exhibiting team. We encourage you to include the following items on your agenda.

Sample agenda: briefing your exhibition staff

1. Reasons for exhibiting – your objectives and how they can help you achieve them
2. The target audience/s you want to reach and what you want them to think/feel/do during and after the event
3. The personal responsibilities and targets for each staff member
4. A review of the products/services/information to be exhibited
5. Explain the design of the exhibition stand including the graphics and how the design fits with your show objectives
6. Go through any demonstrations or presentations that will be made on the stand
7. Explain the enquiry handling procedure and how enquiries are to be recorded
8. Explain how to use any marketing collateral that you are using
9. Explain how to use any giveaways or incentive gifts
10. Explain how any competition or prize draw will work
11. Detail your competitors who might be attending so they have an understanding of how to deal with any potential issues
12. Explain the dress code
13. Circulate a list of all stand staff and a rota including scheduled breaks
14. Include the show hours and what time stand staff need to be on the stand
15. Explain any catering or hospitality arrangements
16. Circulate information on accommodation, transport arrangements and details of any off-stand activities