Return on investment


Delivering value for money – through flexibility and proving ROI

Our clients are responding to shifting internal and external pressures. The need to deliver value for money is more pressing than ever. We have noticed two clear trends around this very real requirement: flexibility and demonstrating ROI.

Greater flexibility in stand building (i.e. modular designs)

Where the marketplace had previously demanded bespoke stands for every occasion, now there is much more advanced planning with the specification for stands that can be re-sized, reconfigured and transported to several locations.

Proving ROI

We have observed that a lot of event-orientated information gathered is to inform event organisers’ work, rather than to demonstrate positive impacts to the organisation. However, we maintain that if you can meet/surpass your objectives, achieve buy-in internally and engage visitors, you will be more assured of maintaining or extending your budgets. This is the clincher – people might be reluctant to introduce metrics as potential rods for their backs but if they choose appropriate ones that provide insights and help measure and track success over time, then this must achieve a better outcome for all.

We welcome these improvements to be more efficient with materials and demonstrate the positive impacts exhibitions can make. Better initial planning and briefing should ensure you can manage your costs and build longer term supplier relationships that will enable you to achieve a greater return on your organisation’s investment.