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People don't fall in love with concepts, they fall in love with experience.

5G was the tech on everyone's lips at CES '19, but only one company had a live 5G network.

To appreciate state-of-the-art 5G amidst all the signal interference at CES, we had to wrap it in old-school Victorian technology in the form of a two-storey Faraday cage.

Constructing any Faraday Cage requires extreme precision, technical ability and superb project management skills but to deliver a fully operational, temporary experience at the world’s noisiest electronics show, is a major achievement.

Guests were able to experience a live 5G experience as Qualcomm walked the 5G talk that separated them from the pack on the show floor.

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For a brand who 'Invents the tech people love.' we created the space for people to fall in love with technology.

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