Practical ways to help your team with post-event follow up


Event team debrief

In the rush to plan and execute a top exhibition programme, the opportunity for the event team to engage in a thorough debrief can get lost. Everyone is so relieved that it is all over and done with that taking the time to really interrogate ‘success’ can fall way down the ‘to do’ list. However, we recommend that it is imperative that a post-event session takes place. This will capture any learnings and metrics.

DIY tool

We have created a sample meeting agenda that will help you develop a follow up plan and set the expectations of anyone that will be involved in your exhibition process. Do consider other people outside of your team it would be appropriate to invite. How can they help provide you with extra insights so you might do even better next time?

Sample meeting agenda: post-event follow up

1. Were your overall goals and objectives met?
2. Did you reach your target audience/s?
3. What did you set out to measure and what were the outcomes?
4. Were these the right metrics?
5. Were you in-line with your budget? Why or why not?
6. Were you satisfied with your vendor selection (stand, venue, catering, décor, audio-visual, etc.)
7. Did your systems, processes, timelines, logistics and technology work well?
8. Did the registration process go well?
9. Was the communication programme successful? On time? Appropriate? Were all stakeholder groups engaged?
10. Did you collaborate well with other functions within your organisation?
11. Was content delivered effectively?
12. What worked well?
13. Did you face any barriers?
14. Lessons learned – what could have gone better?
15. What recommendations would you make for next time?