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Warner Bros. Games Interactive

The brief: position Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) as a top games publisher at E3 – the world’s premier game show – and provide a show stopping platform giving attendees an exclusive and exciting experience around WBIE’s big four games. Using innovative media and visuals, two stunning Cineplex style multipurpose theatres, phenomenal sound and compelling visuals, we created a visitor experience to remember.

WBIE have some of the most valuable brand assets in the world. Our work for them at Gamescom in Cologne, IDEF in Cannes, and at E3 in Los Angeles, always requires immaculate planning, careful and highly confidential ‘reveals’ for expectant journalists and visitors – and, of course, world-class impact. Our modern and retro design elements worked seamlessly with WBIE’s iconic brands, and bold concave spaces let their rich history underpin exciting new content. The result: the kind of spacious, welcoming, and exciting stands that visitors love.

Warner Bros | E3 | Shadow of Mordor | Enigma
Warner Bros | E3 | Lego Area | Enigma
Warner Bros | E3 | Lego Area | Enigma
Warner Bros | E3 | Lego Dimensions | Enigma
Warner Bros | Gamescom | Mad Max Game Demo Units | Enigma
Warner Bros | E3 | Shadow of Mordor | Enigma
Warner Bros | E3 | WB Live | Enigma

Screen Size

Silver screen? Big screen? We went for both, with an enormous panoramic screen for Warner Bros.’ projection at E3. Roger Rabbit didn’t burst from the screen (but he could have).


In a Michael Caine moment, we were honoured to design a space for this iconic life-sized replica of the Batmobile, built by the world famous West Coast Customs (of Pimp My Ride and Xzibit fame).


A $100 billion industry with over 1.2 billion players worldwide – 44% of the world’s population!

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