Statoil Global Exhibition Program

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Our rolling programme of work for Statoil has included museums and multiple exhibitions across 6 continents. Statoil’s global rebrand won accolades when the Norwegian multinational energy company landed the Best Stand Award at ONS in Stavanger. Our high-impact stand impressed judges, beating 1300 competitors to secure the coveted award at one of the world’s leading oil and energy trade shows.

Using interactive and virtual technology to bring our content to life, visitors to the stands could access the key Statoil information they wanted without even touching a screen or button.

Delivering up to 20 shows a year, we had to be conscious of Statoil's environmental responsibilities so our design thinking carefully reflected our client's approach to sustainability. Much of the lighting was designed using low-energy LEDs and the entire structure was especially constructed for re-use over a rolling three-year global show programme.

Statoil | ONS | VIP Area | Exhibition Programme | Enigma
Statoil | ONS | VIP Area | Exhibition Programme | Enigma
Statoil Event - Conference

Number of Shows

125 shows over six years, or over 20 annually.

Global Programme

From the Arctic Circle to the jungles of Venezuela, we delivered across six continents.

Stand Size

We delivered on brand, on budget, on time and in place stands from 6sqm to over 400sqm.

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