Bringing together

two powerhouses

to launch the future.

NXP’s One MCU story was a cross media campaign for the B2B market, advertising how the two most instrumental micro processor platforms were combining into one complete software package for developers and engineers.

With a rich history of innovation as the foundational computing MCU used throughout the space program, to powering the newest, most advanced electric cars for a cleaner, safer environment we created a concept that placed the MCU platform at the very heart of these projects. Powering ideas and creativity to define a better world.

The slogan ‘Launch your legacy’ was created to run throughout the campaign, illustrating the powerful legacy of the technology whilst forming a strong call to action for budding innovators to use the technology to make their dreams become a reality.

The visuals across the campaign placed the MCU tech at the centre of the compositions, with striking image making blending legacy products with the technology, the MCU itself becoming a ‘launch pad’ for ideas to easily communicate the possibilities of a new, integrated platform. The campaign ran across print, digital, video and social media portals.

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