Keeping things

smart in the city.

To promote NXP’s NFC Everywhere technology to B2B and B2C audiences we were asked to create a print campaign and messaging strategy to highlight its life changing product suite for a stress free connection to the smart city.

a girl looking at her watch.

Developing the statement, ‘Life on Tap’ the campaigns bright and engaging visual language promoted how each area of the technology could streamline modern life, with simple contactless phone taps completing complex actions for payment, communication and more in less than a millisecond. Keeping the user moving and living life to the fullest.

a person holding a purple booklet.
a brochure with a person holding a phone.

Grids used across the collateral formed a powerful bold structure that allowed content to stream from one section of the composition to the next, from plain colour sections to transformative imagery of an NFC enabled lifestyle.

The campaign was designed for use across print, web and social activation platforms, with integrated NFC chips within the artwork to act as a portal to additional content.

a screenshot of a smart phone.
a blue and white brochure with text and a smart watch.
a person sitting at a desk in a book.

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