A virtual experience

built for real people

The cancellation of trade shows, live events and in-person meetings has made building sales pipeline a lot harder.

So, we created a multi-purpose platform to meet the unique challenges of virtual selling that pairs sophisticated webinar and live meeting tools with immersive product showcases developed with the latest video game software.

Each environment is navigated with clickable floor markers to view products up close. To get a more detailed view, each product can be clicked to launch a product specific microsite featuring a combination of still images and video and the option to connect with a sales representative. At all times the opportunity to request a follow up call or initiate a live video screenshare with a specialist.

The entire experience is underpinned by accountability that includes integrations with familiar analytics, sales and CRM platforms to track guest behavior to inform the next sales and marketing actions.

This 3D livestream experience is available through desktop, tablet and mobile and minimizes the barriers to entry - no headset or console required.

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