Enigma puts brands in focus.

You need to stand out and be different to provide a reason to be preferred.

Your brand is what makes your business uniquely inspiring…

Inspiring imagination, memorability and valuable outcomes. You don’t need more gimmicks, more noise, more stuff – you need more focus.

Brand focus.

The world is as digital
as it is physical.

We create brand events and environments that live in both.

We design for stature, human contact and multi-sensory impact…

…to make your brand story simple and compelling in every media.

We started life in trade events; our heartland is interactive brand theatre.

We bring our design ethos to physical and digital spaces to create:

Trade Events

Delivering immersive physical spaces augmented with digital enhancements to provide limitless demonstration and engaging customer moments that broaden the experience beyond the event.

Virtual Trade Events

3D virtual environments aligned to your CRM and sales platforms providing your team with global reach without sacrificing human connection.


Visitor Attractions

Simplifying complex stories into a compelling multi-sensory experience.

Digital Communications

Brand Communications

Designing strategic communications through video, graphics and digital media to bring brands to life.

US Studio

16410 N. 91st. Ste 102, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, United States