Enigma’s US office is expanding


Enigma’s US office is expanding. Half of our revenue is generated by American-based organisations so we’re delighted that Lauren Guldan has joined our growing stateside team as part of our business development function.

US General Manager, Jon Gowar, agrees:

“Lauren is truly welcomed as a member of the Enigma family. She comes to us with a blended background in marketing on both the client and agency sides so she has a deep appreciation for our clients’ goals and challenges and how to harness both for great outcomes.”

Lauren started her career in project management and client service roles at several traditional and digital advertising agencies in Phoenix but has most recently been working in the world of property. In her new role as Enigma’s US Sales Manager, she will be focused on helping clients create memorable moments to tell their brand’s unique story and ultimately drive results.

Lauren says,

“I’m so excited to shift into a new focus with experiential marketing. I’m already seeing so many similarities with real estate… The intersection of a brick and mortar experience with a brand’s greater strategy and how to ignite a dream before it’s even built are all key connections. It’s about attracting attention amongst your competitors, and holding onto that attention by appealing to every one of your clients’ senses.”

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Lauren received a degree in Strategic Advertising from University of Colorado Boulder. She has just recently moved to Austin, TX with her husband and spotted dog, Scooby. Scooby, especially, is enjoying his Texas experience.