Checklist – get more from your event


Extend your event’s impact and reach

Not all event teams have sole responsibility to extend the impact of an event beyond the date it takes place. However, by collaborating with other functions within the organisation, making recommendations and building in the right systems, processes, communications and technology into their approach, the events team will be instrumental in ensuring the most successful outcomes for their events.

DIY tool

We have created the following checklist of key things to consider when trying to extend your exhibition’s impact. It offers you a simple process to follow to ensure you maximise the event’s return on investment.

Checklist: how to extend your exhibition’s impact

1. Identify ways in which follow up will add value for stakeholders – not just your organisation
2. Determine what follow up with key stakeholders will look like, over what period of time, with which messages and in what format/s. Consider the full marketing mix and an integrated approach.
3. Define and apportion roles and responsibilities for stakeholder follow up, minimising duplication and preventing things from slipping through any gaps. How can your team assist them? How can they assist you?
4. Develop systems and checks and balances to ensure follow up occurs and all functions are motivated to fulfil their obligations
5. Consider how the impact of the event can be extended for attendees. How could the following be shared/downloaded/linked/accessed and what would each function have to do to make this happen?

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