A Meeting of Minds


At Enigma we firmly believe the sum of all your decisions will affect the impact you make. If your meeting rooms are well considered, respond to attendees’ physical and psychological needs and look incredible, just imagine what can be done with the rest of your stand.

We know that you don’t start your exhibition stand briefing and design process with the burning question: how many sexy meeting rooms can I squeeze into my space? Who does?

The answer is: nobody.

Constructing an incredible tradeshow experience can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned marketing and events team. First of all, disregard the (sometimes literal) million Dollar question of how your finished booth will be received by your company’s senior management team. Instead, give a huge amount of consideration to a laundry list of important strategic and executional components that come into play.

You’ll be mapping out strategies for content creation, demonstrations, attention-grabbing visuals, staffing plans, catering, etc. (all within the confines of a budget that likely includes a very annoyingly large line item for drayage). This is no easy task. Within this reality, it’s easy to understand how sometimes the most mundane or predictable components of a booth are given the least attention.

Enter meeting room spaces. At their core, tradeshows are ultimately an environment to meet face to face with top prospects, sell product and build relationships. As anyone who has tried to hold a business meeting in a busy coffee shop understands—an environment is meant to a backdrop and should never get in the way of your message. Prepping meeting rooms to be sound-proof, aesthetically pleasing and functional should be an important part of any B2B show strategy. They should also provide a comfortable and ergonomic working environment, placing people and their physical needs at the heart of the space.

We recently returned from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with our client, Qualcomm. The stand we created was over 20,000 square feet overall, with an impressive amount of space dedicated to more than 35 fully-enclosed meeting rooms. Each room came complete with WiFi, conferencing capabilities, an LED projector and executive seating.

The next time you are considering the strategies for your exhibit – consider the goals and output you’re hoping to achieve from the event. If important sales discussions need to take place on-site, ensure the physical space is prepped to support that.