Looking back, looking forward


Out with 2017 and in with 2018


Everyone knows that in 2017 there continued to be a great deal of political and economic uncertainty impacting current trading conditions around the world. Brexit is a hot topic in the UK with the press thoroughly enjoying filling many a column inch about possible scenarios, most of them negative. Small- to medium-sized businesses are bearing the brunt of that uncertainty but here at Enigma, we remain passionate about exhibitions and events continuing as a catalyst for commerce around the world. We bring people and businesses together to help them experience one another in a focused and exciting way. There’s no better platform for brands and individuals to engage and interact in a specific place and time.


We feel confident in our business; 2017 has been a bumper year for our team. The numbers speak for themselves.

Total number of installations: 41
Total number of shows: 29
Total square metres installed: 6909.16
Revenue growth this financial year: 30%
New team members: 4
And our jet-setting project managers have totalled 198 days on site!

New clients, sectors and office

We’re proud that we’ve brought on a raft of fabulous new clients including Qualcomm, Dovetail (now part of Fiserv), Big Arrow Group, Akamai, BHGE, Aker Solutions and SBTech. Three of these wins have introduced us to new sectors (pharmaceuticals, financial services and bookmaking) while our work with Akamai allows us to leverage our existing broadcast expertise.

Our 30% increase in turnover over the last year is based on a foundation of really great relationships (some of 9 years’ standing) with existing clients and this has led to healthy and steady growth. We’ve expanded into the US with the opening of our dedicated office and this is enabling us to deliver huge impact for our client at CES (global technology event), the biggest show in the world.

The future

Through considered business planning and carefully targeted business development activity, we’re positioning ourselves to be even more successful next year. We can’t wait to see how those figures add up in 2018.