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We don’t just design exhibition stands. We use design intelligence to focus on what really matters for our clients: delivering the best possible experience for their exhibition visitors. The fact that we’ve been doing this every day for almost three decades means we have lots of experience and thoughts to offer. Read and download our thinking, tips, guides, tools and templates here.

Getting the most bang for your buck

We’ve been speaking with senior industry professionals about the issues impacting our sector. The first of our papers, ‘Getting the most bang for your buck’, focuses on the value for money and ROI obtained against the costs of exhibiting. Experts believe that the future for the exhibitions industry is currently broadly positive.


Technology and Social Media

We noted in our first ever thought paper ‘Getting the most bang for your exhibitions’  buck’ that our marketplace is dynamic. The challenges faced by Brexit, security concerns, ever-shifting budgets and new technology certainly keep industry players on their toes.


The impact of the procurement process

This report is the third in a series examining key issues in our marketplace. We have previously explored and shared ideas about value for money and technology in our sector. Now it is the turn of the procurement process to fall under the microscope.


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