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Before becoming part of Mavenir, Xura emerged from Comcast’s acquisition of Acision Mobile. They wanted to make a splash at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. With over 2,300 exhibitors, MWC is fiercely competitive and only the very best designs shine.

Our stand design combined cinematic vistas with strong forms and digital data points, all explored through portals of sight, sound, taste and interaction. We combined sweeping curves, bold architecture and interactive technology to deliver a strong immersive experience to feast the senses without boundaries.

Phrases and icons relating to Xura's services were projected as visitors navigated the demo stations. They were also displayed on walls to great effect, encouraging more visitors to approach the stand. Within the stand's meeting rooms, Xura's clients continued to live the overall experience through the continuation of the 'city scape' and 'wilderness' themes.

Xura | MWC | Exhibition Stand | Immersive Experience | Enigma
Xura | MWC | Seating Area | Immersive Experience | Enigma
Xura | MWC | Immersive Experience | Enigma
Xura | MWC | Oculus Rift | Immersive Experience | Enigma
Xura | MWC | Coffee | Immersive Experience | Enigma

Our Client Says…

"This is the most well received stand we've ever had. It's attracting the right people - bringing a lot of footfall and traffic onto the booth." Vice President of Marketing


Enigma's experiential expertise helped Xura's #GoBeyond campaign bridge the gaps between the stand's physical space, interactive displays and social media.

Virtual Reality

Our cutting edge audiovisuals used Oculus Rift to take the visitor experience beyond the cityscape and Nordic tundra of the stand's graphics - truly letting users #GoBeyond their immediate environment.