Calgary Science Centre

Telus Spark

Oil and tourism are the world’s biggest business sectors. This project brought them together at Canada’s first new science centre in 25 years, Calgary Science Centre in Alberta. It is a pioneer at using oil or tar sands, also known as ‘unconventional oil’. ‘Unconventional’ also describes a brilliantly innovative series of stunning exhibits.

Telus Spark | 2D Graphics | Museum Installation | EnigmaEnigma joined a team of designers, electronics and audio-visual specialists, interactive programmers and product engineers working on the Energy and Innovation Gallery. The task: deeply engage and enthuse visitors about energy and innovation for up to 30 minutes in each exhibit (the Science Museum expects an ‘attention span’ of around a minute).


As usual, creating a fabulous visitor experience formed the heart of our work. Using feedback from visitors of the old science centre, workshops, blogs and outreach with local groups, we created exciting, hands on and extremely engaging exhibits - from personalised oil pipeline grids to a hand-pumped energy shooting gallery. This approach - think, build, test - helped guarantee high levels of interaction among visitors old and young.

Telus Spark | Sound Interactive | Museum Installation | Enigma
Telus Spark | Kinetic Energy Interactive | Museum Installation | Enigma
Telus Spark | Pulley Interactive | Museum Installation | Enigma
Telus Spark | Ball Run Interactive | Museum Installation | Enigma
Telus Spark | Electricity Interactive | Museum Installation | Enigma
Telus Spark | Pylon | Museum Installation | Enigma


Alberta’s tar sands are the third largest oil reserves on earth, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Telus Spark | Wind Turbine | Museum Installation | Enigma

Wind Turbines

The world’s largest wind turbine in Hawaii is 20 stories high – with blades the length of a football field.

Telus Spark | Lightbulb | Museum Installation | Enigma

Bright Sparks

Bright sparks among groups of children from five to fourteen helped develop and inform our designs, and each exhibit is tactile, tough, and – most important – fun.

Full of Energy