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P2i manufactures coatings to help make consumer electronic devices water-resistant. Accidental splashes and spills happen so easily that water resistance is now one of the most important features influencing consumer’s decisions when choosing their smartphone. Not everyone knows about the technology so it was important they made a huge splash at MWC, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry.

Given the challenging dimensions of the space, we knew from the start that we had to be clever to deliver sufficient impact to attract people to the stand. It was equally as important that the stand should enable a smooth flow of people at such a busy event (annual attendance is usually around the 100,000 mark).

We crafted a stunning video showcasing P2i’s technology, really catching attention and drawing people in to find out more.

We developed a stand with different spaces so people could move around easily, enjoy the demo areas and talk and receive information. We also created a distinct meeting room for P2i to have those important scheduled customer meetings that had been set up over the course of the year.

Our Client Says…

"Our stand has been really well received this year. The eye-catching LED screen has created so much attention: everyone's turning to look at it. Some of them are coming round for a second look." VP Commercial Strategy


Before establishing P2i, its founder worked within the UK Ministry of Defence as part of the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL). He investigated liquid repellent nano coatings to protect soldiers' uniforms from chemical attacks.

New Tech

P2i take R&D seriously. They have 160 granted patents and patent applications and acquired ground breaking technologies in new surface functionalities.