Llanelly House Genealogy Centre

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Llanelly House Genealogy Centre

The challenge: create a new brand identity for one of Wales’ most famous great estates reflecting its heritage but speaking to an exciting future. A £7 million restoration won widespread media coverage and acclaim. Llanelly House is Wales’ first national genealogy heritage centre. Our work involved sculpting a design look that echoed a glorious past but also delivered a highly contemporary feel.


Our team developed a set of highly interactive ideas and design approaches. Together they have helped create an experience that has won enormous enthusiasm from a huge range of visitors. Inspired by the site’s historic wealth and classical lines, our designs were also carefully ‘future-proofed’.

From coal black to silver foil, our designs were inspired by this masterpiece of early Georgian architecture. A modern yet sensitive visual identity uses elegant serif fonts, contrasted with modern san serif body texts, creating a distinctive hybrid between past, present, and future. The results infuse what has justly been called “a stunning restoration.”

Llanelly House | Museum | Brand Identity | Enigma
Llanelly House | Stepney China Display | Museum | Brand Identity | Enigma
Llanelly House | Royal Visit | Museum | Brand Identity | Enigma

Sir Thomas Stepney

Llanelly House was built by the Stepney family. In India and Pakistan, a 'Stepney' still means a car’s spare tyre – invented in a garage nearby in 1904.

Lady Elizabeth Stepney

Like many British landmarks, Llanelly House has its own ghost stories – it’s even appeared on the TV series ‘Most Haunted Live!’

Llanelly House Mouse

Created for younger visitors, our little mouse – like all mice – has an ‘access all areas’ pass, but prefers cheese.

A Window To The Past